Specialised Research Services

UK NRP has a specialised department providing consultancy and project services to a wide range of companies and organisations, mainly in the UK but increasingly assisting international clients as well.

Whilst we are also able to produce tailor-made projects to suit the needs of individual organisations, there are two main categories of consultancy work in which UK NRP specialise:

The UK NRP Consultancy Department has particular expertise in the field of international qualification benchmarking.

Benchmarking involves the analysis of international training systems for comparison to qualification frameworks in the UK. In most cases, these exercises are specific to one vocational / industrial sector.

The final product can be presented in any manner to meet client specifications, including:

  • Country specific reports
  • Industry specific reports
  • In benchmarked tables for easy reference

Previous clients include multinational companies, Government departments, Work Permit agencies, professional bodies and sector-based occupational bodies.

Case study

Target by Country

The International Benchmarking of Vocational Qualifications in the Furniture, Furnishings and Interiors Industries.

Executive Summary

Countries surveyed: Germany, Italy and Poland

This example of a benchmarking exercise involved a comprehensive overview of the range, scope, and level of modern apprenticeships and vocational qualifications in a highly focussed comparative study. The information has enabled the FFINTO to benchmark international qualifications within their occupational sector.