Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UK NRP?

UK NRP is an independent unit under the management of UK NARIC. UK NRP serves as a first point of contact for national vocational qualifications and is a central information resource for UK skilled worker, trade and technician level qualifications. UK NRP also acts as a national agency representing the UK in a European network of reference points for vocational qualifications in Member States.

I hold a British qualification – what should I do if I want to work or study in the UK or overseas?

In general, each country has the responsibility to assess international awards themselves. Therefore the acceptance of your qualifications is normally dealt with by the relevant authority in the country that you are going to. As a point of reference, you could contact the NARIC/ NRP agency in that country for further advice if in Europe. Otherwise, you may wish to contact the relevant embassy or Ministry of Education for assistance.

As we are unable to compare a British qualification against another British qualification, we offer the National Awards Information Service, in which we provide an authoritative explanation and outline of a specific UK qualification. The service is available to UK trained personnel who wish to practice their occupation and students who wish to continue their studies overseas.

It can also be used by those who need to demonstrate the value of their qualifications to employers or recognition bodies in the UK.

What do I need to send?

To receive a written statement from UK NRP we need to see a photocopy of the final qualification certificate/diploma, photocopies of the course record / transcript / mark-sheet, a copy of an official translation into English, and a covering letter written by yourself (giving your full contact details). Unfortunately we are unable to return documents, so please just send photocopies.

I don’t have my final certificate yet – what can I do?

We can only provide assessment statements for fully completed qualifications. However, if you are unable to get a copy of your certificate, or it has not yet been issued, we may still be able to proceed. If you have copies of your transcripts clearly stating that your qualification has been completed and awarded then we may be able to accept these instead of your certificate. Please note that just a letter from your institution is not sufficient for our evaluation.

Where do I get an official translation?

Although we have a good range of languages within our team, it is vital that we receive an official translation of your documents. You can obtain this through a translation agency. As we do not return documents, please just send us a photocopy of your official translation.

Please note that we are unable to accept a translation that you have made yourself.

What will I receive from you?

We can provide you with a letter, which is your statement of comparability. This advises how your qualification compares against UK qualification levels.

You may request an additional Comparability Certificate, which is an attractive document that can be included with your letter and qualification certificates. Please note there is an additional charge for this service.

How much does this service cost?

Letters of comparability cost £36.00 (plus VAT for people living in the UK and EU – making the total charge £42.30).

The National Awards Information Service costs £65.00 (plus VAT for people living in the UK and EU – making the total charge £71.30)

When we have requested payment, please note that it is up to you whether you want to proceed with your enquiry. Therefore, we will not proceed until we receive your payment.

We can accept payments via cheque, postal order and credit card. All payments must be made payable to ECCTIS Ltd. Could you also include your name and address on the back of the cheque (please note that we need the details of the individual seeking comparability – not the person paying the cheque if this is different).

The team is more than happy to answer any queries, should you require any further assistance.

I don’t understand my comparability statement

If you are unclear about the information that you have received, then one of our information officers will be happy to explain it to you